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A year ago...

How is it possible that a year has passed? A year since we moved out of our beloved (but oh so tired) Life Dynamics building. The place where so many had come and gone before. The place where thousands of lives have been forever changed because of the hard work of kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, and therapists. One year later, as the final stages of the demolition of our home since the early 1980s comes to completion, I’m filled with many different emotions which are hard to explain. This week has been like the final chapter of a book you haven’t been able to put down and yet you don’t want to finish reading.

However, we have now started a new book and we zoomed through the first chapter (or at least the first year). I don’t honestly know how the next chapters in our story will go, but I am grateful for all the experiences that the B.E. Smith Family Center has provided thus far. The people that I have met along the way during this unexpected journey of designing, building, moving into and living in this new space..have forever changed my life. I know that this new space will be a blessing to the thousands of families who will come and go through our new doors. I am grateful to get to be a small part of Volume 2.

“For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.” 1 Corinthians 3:9. I truly believe our new building is a sacred space where His work is being done. My co-workers are His workers and they are “extending the healing ministry of Christ“.

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1 Comment

May 10, 2020

Definitely doing the Lords work. Thank you to all of you!

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